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  • Corey Agnew

Bacteria Contamination is Impacting your Tanks.

Bacteria contamination in fuel starts in your storage tank, but can impact your whole fueling system and the equipment that runs on it.

This picture shows an accumulation of microbial growth within piping of an aboveground storage tank (AST). The fuel in this AST is used for a fleet application. The customer started noticing that the dispenser filters needed to be changed with increasing frequency. Also, the Tier 4 diesel engines in the fleet were starting to experience injector issues, an indication of fuel contamination.

This is where choosing the right fuel contractor is critical. FuelGuard’s technicians are certified petroleum service professionals capable of diagnosing and repairing all components related to the tank and pumps. Not only can FuelGuard correct the issues with compromised fuel, we will assess and repair any components that may be impacted due to contamination. In this instance, significant portions of the piping had to be purged, removed and jetted with water to remove the years of accumulated biomass.

Don't let hidden contamination impact your bottom line. Call FuelGuard today at 904-349-2347 to put a fuel quality plan in place. Services include regularly assessing fuel conditions, removing water, and treating fuel with chemical additives.

Your Business Runs on Fuel. Quality Fuel Runs on FuelGuard.

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