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  • Corey Agnew

Budgeting for Fuel Maintenance

As the Director of FuelGuard, the Fuel Quality division of Guardian Fueling Technologies, I discuss fuel contamination every day with customers. Unfortunately, many of these conversations take place after there is an equipment malfunction and their operations have been impacted. Tank owners who do not implement routine fuel maintenance are blindsided by expensive repair cost that isn’t in their current budget. If your business uses diesel fuel, it is imperative you include fuel maintenance in your annual budget.

When I ask customers if they had a maintenance plan in place and when the last cleaning was performed, often I hear silence, because it’s never been a consideration. Preventative maintenance only becomes a priority after a catastrophic failure.

The fact is, diesel fuel degrades over time and at some point, it will become a liability to your equipment and operations unless a preventative maintenance plan is implemented. FuelGuard creates specific Preventative Maintenance plans based on your fuel needs. Preventative Maintenance plans can include periodic sampling and testing, removal of water, and chemical additives to prevent bacteria growth while maintaining ASTM specifications.

The specifics of how to implement the Preventative Maintenance will vary by tank and use. If you’re installing a new tank, start the PM plan on the first day of operation, that will stop contamination from ever impacting your fuel or system. If you’re tank is already in service, it’s advised to clean and treat the fuel as thoroughly as possible and make sure to have a good petroleum technician assess your equipment to understand if previous fuel contamination has caused damage.

It's recommended to get a qualified Petroleum Technician to inspect your tank and fuel condition in order to craft the right Preventative Maintenance plan for your business.

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than emergency repairs.

Call FuelGuard today at 800-934-6386, or visit to schedule an inspection of your tanks. Check out the Resources page at to learn more about diesel fuel contamination and the benefits of working with FuelGuard.

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