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  • Corey Agnew

Do you Know your Fuel Health Score?

Your business runs on fuel. Your fuel has to be ready when you need it, whether you are a fleet manager with a business relying on punctual deliveries, a facility manager who needs a backup generator at a moment's notice, or a retail station owner whose business revolves around selling fuel.

Have you taken samples from your tanks recently to examine your fuel? Are there any changes in how your engines or equipment run? Does your stored diesel fuel have a high biodiesel content?

Your fuel requires ongoing maintenance to ensure top quality, so you know it will work when you need it the most.

FuelGuard, in conjunction with Bell Performance, is pleased to offer a free online Fuel Health assessment. The assessment consists of questions about your fuel and storage tanks. These questions help establish the quality of your fuel and tanks. Based on these answers, a Fuel Quality Plan can be established.

The Fuel Health check allows our customers to identify and correct contamination issues before their operations are impacted. By cleaning your fuel and performing your due diligence now, you can get ahead of your components becoming further impacted by contamination. If you wait until contamination builds up, it only increases the probability of compounding failures.

Click here to take the assessment:

FuelGuard offers fuel restoration services that correct fuel contamination. Our state-of-the-art process uses a multi-staged filtration system to remove pollutants, water, and microbial growth, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Contact FuelGuard today at 904-349-2347 to discuss your Fuel Quality Plan. Preventative maintenance is cheaper and easier to manage than emergency maintenance, and doesn’t involve any downtime.

Your Business Runs on Fuel. Quality Fuel Runs on fuelGuard.

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